GNG offers One of a kind online profiles for you and your company

Contact Form

Attached with every Global Network Group profile comes your very own contact form. Tailored to make sure consumers can contact you directly with whatever query they need answering. All contact forms come with their own custom select radio buttons with which consumers can select, request a quotation, call me, send info, and if these do not suit then the other option. This way consumers can directly make a request saving you time. The query is automatically sent to your linked email address. 

Linked Company

Attached to every Global Network Group practitioner profile comes a completely separate company profile. This way you can be in charge of who and what gets shown where. Both profiles are attached in your annual register fee. Your profiles are also linked. As you can see below you get an entirely separate "currently working with" bar in which your company profile is automatically linked. 

Personal SEO

SEO is the term that represents the optimization of websites into a search engine such as google and Yahoo. In the last couple of years, google and other search engines have relied heavily upon SEO in order to rank websites. SEO words act as clues to tell google what the page is about. Our members also have this ability. They can through us tell google what their profile is about in order to improve their ranking.